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#theFutureofWork| Who I am and what I offer
We will soon be working from anywhere - writes WIRED.
Guess what? Here's the thing We are. I am.

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I can add value to you project for all the reasons cited here below:

"Many activities that workers carry out today have the potential to be automated. At the same time, job-matching sites such as LinkedIn and Monster are changing and expanding the way individuals look for work and companies identify and recruit talent. Independent workers are increasingly choosing to offer their services on digital platforms including Upwork, Uber, and Etsy and, in the process, challenging conventional ideas about how and where work is undertaken."



PowerPoint365 is both my passion and my focus.

The GigEconomy is a new game with new rules. The entry strategy is the pointy-end of the wedge.

What can I be great at?#presentationDesign is not going to fall to AI any time soon.

Besides: You won't dream of sending an important document full of spelling errors. Why put up a PPTx full of design errors?


B.A.(Hons) Communication Science and Political Science and don't tell me business is not politics.

B.Th Theology and Ethics Text interpretation, Hermeneutics and Semiotics are foundation stones for Theology

M.A. Political Philosophy Politics is all about the allocation of values. Your BRAND has a value proposition; which is why I researched VALUES


I worked in two great industries andcreated and managed my own businesssucessfully.

bigPharmaI launched Voltaren and for years managed the Product Management and Marketing functions at CIBA-Geigy

AdverisingI was the goTo Strategic and Research Director of a medium-sized adAgency for almost 10 years.

The Conversational Interface

Business has always been conversational. It still is but increasingly in an automated way

Google Conversational Commerce. Add AI into that mix and you have a huge challenge

PowerPoint - well used - is an awesome conversational app. It does not have to be sophorific. It can be terrific

Customer Feedback


CEO & Founder

would highly recommend Chris for powerpoint presentation/slide design. I outsourced a slide desk with a very tight time frame. Chris was professional, calm and delivered as on time, as promised. I really appreciated his support and design. He was also relaxed and good fun to work with, which meant a lot to me. I felt in safe hands! Thank you Chris for turning this job around so quickly. I will be back to you for more design, slides, powerpoint support. Thank you, Darina




A+ job! Really easy to work with and excellent work!




Chris work was just BEYOND expectations, a professional in every sense of the word! I'll work with him again any time. Amazing!

Education & Work Experience

Formal Education

B.A.(Hons) B Th. M.A.

Subjects | Communication Science, Linguistics, Hermeneutics, Semiotics, Philosophy of Science

All of the above makes me better than most with narrative analyis and design

35+ years of Experience
1970 -2010

Marketing Management - BigPharma Multinational

Strategic Management and Media - FMCG Advertising

Research and Strategic Support - Syntagm Research

All of the above makes me better at understanding business-to-business presentation challenges


PowerPoint 2016 Professional

UDEMY Certified

Institute of Marketing UK


Graphic Design Enabled


English and Afrikaans

Dutch and Flemish



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What affects how much should I pay a PPT designer?

Depending on the professional level and location of the professional you can find different hourly rates as well as fixed prices for your PowerPoint work.

If you need an original PowerPoint template then that requires a professional designer to think on the art and design it in Photoshop.

The approval process also impact in the time (and budget) needed when you delegate a PowerPoint design to a professional, so if you want to keep costs reduced try to be clear in advance about specifications and reduce the back and forth steps in the approval process.

If you already have the content prepared for the designer, then that will be much appreciated by him and will help to keep costs at the minimum. On the other hand, if you don’t have the content, take in mind that the designer should investigate about what to put and write, and that would increase the total cost.

The deadline is tight? Then the designer may have to leave other personal and professional things and work for you to accomplish the deadline. This may increase the costs. If you want to save here, just try to make it flexible and specify reasonable deadlines.

Animations can be hard to achieve and takes time. 3D animations also sums a complexity to the final presentation, although you can access nice 3D PowerPoint effects and animations from 3rd. party websites.

The same applies if you need to find images by your own way or let the designer to decorate your slides with related pictures. Some images from the Internet are purchased especially for a given presentation, so getting images from image bank can be expensive, especially if you need lot of pictures and high quality images in the slides.

The rounds of revisions also increase the total work and time spent in the presentation so this will increase the total amount that you will pay for the presentation design.

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