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NFC in Agriculture

NFC | Protecting Soft assets on Fruit Farms

FruitFly Monitor November 2016

Working closely with a leading producer of deciduous fruit and FruitFly Africa we developed a mobile application that has changed the way Fruit Fly traps are monitored.

With an NFC tag on each trap the collection of vital data is just a tap away.

We connect Physical Objects to the Digital World.


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Connecting Physical Objects to the Digital World


S P A C E D O C T O R S | JULY 19, 2017

To learn a little more about what a Semiotician can or won't do visit the Spacedoctors' website.

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Conjoint Analysis

Research | Conjoint Analysis and other MVA Tools

Value Proposition Construction, 2016

Conjoint analysis is a statistical technique used in market research to determine how people value different attributes (feature,function, benefits) that make up an individual product or service.

The objective of conjoint analysis is to determine what combination of a limited number of attributes is most influential on respondent choice or decision making. A controlled set of potential products or services is shown to respondents and by analyzing how they make preferences between these products, the implicit valuation of the individual elements making up the product or service can be determined. These implicit valuations (utilities or part-worths) can be used to create market models that estimate market share, revenue and even profitability of new designs.

Syntagm Research has been managing SawTooth Conjoint Value Analysis solutions for advertising over several decades.

I am also a trained, experienced and practicing Semiotician. If you don't understand semiotics skip the next bit.

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THINKING | Aloud about SA

The research insights I have (dubious as they might be) apply to the place I live in too.

The Thermodynamic View
The Semiotic View
Strategy is a syntagm of choices from the paradigms of positions to occupy and performance outcomes to pursue.

About Syntagm

We've been around a few decades and reinvented a couple of times. More recently synAPPS has been creating bespoke mobile applications [incorporating NFC technology] mainly for use in Agriculture.

That said, Conjoint Analysis and other multivariate statistical tools and Strategy facilitation still remains part of the core competencies offered.

We connect Physical Objects to the Digital World and Brands to the cultural world.

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